Legal services

مجالات الخدمات القانونية

Contract Drafting

Accuracy is the most important thing to be taken care of in drafting contracts and agreements in order to preserve the customer’s rights from having his rights violated. Therefore, we made accuracy one of the values that we were keen to embody, and drafting contracts is one of the services that our company is distinguished by providing, whether individuals or companies…

Settlement of commercial disputes

Through arbitration or mediation, many merchants prefer to resort to settling disputes through mediation or arbitration because of the characteristic of quick and effective solutions to resolve disputes and disputes. It is an ideal option to reach the desired result. Therefore, our company is keen to take care of the customer.


It is one of the most important issues in which many disputes and claims occur. Therefore, we at Al-Tuwaijri Company were keen to make this service among our services, so we carry it out from the first step of extracting (the heirs inventory instrument) until we finish documenting and approving the division.

Negotiation and legal representation

To preserve and defend rights, we have sufficient skills and experience to carry out all types of pleading on behalf of our clients, whether that is filing lawsuits initially or representing them in cases pending before all types of courts or before judicial committees.

Establishing Companies

In this service, we not only aim to create companies from scratch, but we also aim to provide the necessary services to those wishing to convert their institutions into companies or convert a limited liability company – for example – into a joint-stock company or from one form to another.

Legal advice

Honesty is one of the most important values that we adhere to in our company, based on the saying of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, “The advisor is trustworthy.” And since the client may want clarification and knowledge of the optimal legal position for his case, this service came to illuminate his path.

Foreign investment

Foreign investment is a high-risk investment due to the difference in procedures and legislation between countries and in commercial customs, which requires the need for precise legal guidance. In our company, which includes an elite group of internationally licensed specialists, lawyers, and consultants.

Debt Collection

On behalf of our clients, we follow up on all types of debts, including judicial rulings and decisions, shares, real estate, cash, and commercial papers, starting with communicating with the debtor to reach a solution in amicable ways, and ending with taking judicial measures and implementing the debtor’s money and assets.

Insurance disputes

All disputes arising from insurance contracts, including those that occur between insurance companies and their customers and beneficiaries of insurance coverage, or between these companies and others in the event that they replace the insured, these disputes are considered by the committees for resolving insurance disputes and violations, and since we in our company .

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